Why tree trimming is so important.

By knowing the basics about tree trimming and pruning, many homeowners may be able to handle the majority of this type of work themselves. With the right equipment and a bit of knowledge, you can trim your trees as necessary to maintain their health and appearance, as well as to eliminate dangerous, dead branches. There are many tree trimming methods and techniques out there, but in order to keep things organized, it is better to stick only to the basic ones. Here is what you need to know.

Reasons to prune or trim a tree.

Pruning twigs and branches

  1. Health. Thinning the crown of a tree is very beneficial because it increases the airflow. Branches that are rubbing or crossing together should be trimmed in order to avoid damaging their bark and then develop disease. It is possible to save an infected tree by strategically trimming the affected limbs and branches.
  2. Safety. Sometimes, tree branches and limbs grow too close to utility lines, so they must be trimmed by professionals. If the tree branches obstruct your vision while driving, they should also be trimmed away. Finally, broken or dead limbs and branches can fall off at any time, so they must be trimmed on a regular basis in order to stop this from happening.
  3. Aesthetics. One of the main reasons why you should trim your trees is for aesthetic purposes. However, keep in mind that tree trimming is not an easy task, and it can also become really dangerous, so if you don’t have the proper equipment and knowledge, you better hire a professional.

General tree trimming tips.

  • trim and prune your trees during dormant seasons only;
  • never remove a branch that is more than ten centimeters in diameter without professional help;
  • prune branches when they are young;
  • never leave large stubs behind;
  • don’t trim too close to the branch collar.

In order to ensure your trees will grow strong, healthy and beautiful, hire a professional service. Cut Rite Forestry has been providing tree trimming and pruning in Flagstaff AZ for many years now, and they are definitely the ones you should call. Contact them at (928) 853-9812.

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